Why You Crave Salt - Huffington Post Interview

Salt which is also known as Sodium is a mineral that the body requires to function properly, but beware because too much, or too little, can be harmful.

Sodium is involved in a number of functions in the body including;

  • Muscle contraction
  • Blood pressure
  • Water balance

To read more about why we need sodium, what happens if we eat too much or too little salt, why we crave salt in different situations and also how to beat salt cravings then click through to the Huffington post interview.

Better Living Interview - Oats, the breakfast of champions

If I had to compile a list of foods I would classify as 'super'foods' oats would definitely be high on that list!  These very nutritious, delicious and versatile whole grains are easy to prepare, extremely cost effective and are basically a blank nutritional canvas waiting to be turned into a variety of masterpieces.

Some key nutritional facts about oats you should know;

o   They are a source of whole grains which mean they are nutrient rich and packed full of B vitamins, antioxidants, and proteins.

o   They contain slow release carbs which sustain energy release.

o   They are rich in fibre which is important for gut health and helps keep us regular.

o   They also contain a soluble fibre called beta-glucans which act like a sponge binding cholesterol so it can’t be absorbed and instead is removed from the body

o   They are naturally low in sodium

Click here to listen to my interview with Deborah Knight and Chef Daniel where we discuss all things oats. 


Fasted Workouts - Huffington Post Interview

Can fasted workouts help you achieve your fitness goals? Yes.... but it is not for everyone and all styles of training. In some situations fasted training can actually be detrimental to your performance and body composition goals.  

Some of the benefits of fasted workouts include increasing aerobic capacity and increasing fat utilisation (the use of fat as a fuel source). However, there are certain people who benefit more from fasted workouts than others. If your main goal is to gain muscle mass or you are trying to improve your anaerobic capacity (the short, sharp stuff) it would be detrimental.

To read more about the do's and dont's of fasted workouts  click here

Q & A with Ideal Nutrition

I sat down with Aidan Muir from Ideal Nutrition to discuss all things Sports Nutrition.

In the interview we discuss what being a Sports Dietitian really involves, how I educate the athletes I work with, the differences between working with male and female athletes, what performance nutrition mens to me and what advice I have for new graduate dietitians looking to work in sport.

Click here to read the full article.

Talking Lifestyle Interview - Diets on Trend

Nutrition can be an absolute weapon when it comes to health and performance. Used correctly, it can be extremely beneficial and powerful. Used incorrectly, it can be very detrimental. 

There are so many diets being discussed in the media which you may have heard of, considered trying or may have even experimented with. 

Listen to my chat with Ed Phillips where we discuss the pros and cons of the following 'popular' eating trends;

  • Keto diet (ketogenic diet)
  • LCHF (low carb high fat)
  • Paleo diet

Please send across any questions you would like answered. 

How To Build Lean Mass - Huffington Post Interview

Do you need to eat more to build lean mass? 

I sat down with Juliette Steen from Huffington Post Australia to discuss how to build lean mass. Click here to read  the full article which covers;
- Why you need to eat more to build lean muscle mass
- Specific meal and snack ideas to help build lean mass
- How to ensure additional food does not turn into fat

How to Stay Healthy-Ish While Travelling

To all those people heading over to Europe at the moment, I am very jealous! 

I sat down with Juliette Steen from Huffington Post to share some tips on how you can have a fantastic holiday,  which includes enjoying the bread, the pasta and the wine, without compromising your health or adding (too many) extra centimeters to the waistline

Click here to read the full article

Sneaky Ways to Eat Healthy

Winter is a great time to start implementing some new healthy food and exercise habits. It is the perfect time of year to treat yourself to some more R&R, up the exercise routine and be more organised on the cooking / meal prep side of things (because what else is there to do in Winter?).  

If you have been thinking about making some healthy changes to your eating before spring arrives, head over to this article which includes my tip on how to eat healthy (hint - colour, colour and more colour).

What To Eat Pre-Workout? Huffington Post Interview

Are you looking for some ideas on how to improve your training or performance? 

Want to know why eating a high fat meal before exercise is a bad idea?

Click here to read the full article