Better Living Interview - Is it OK to eat the same thing everyday?

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Have you found yourself in a good routine with your eating? You have a favourite breakfast, a lunch which works with your on-the-go routine and a dinner which is just easy?

It is always a good feeling when you have a good routine. In my experience, I find most people function at their best when in a good rythum. But can the same be said when we are talking about your nutrition? Is eating the same thing everyday OK?

While I definietly encourage my clients and athletes to have a routine with their eating and some consistency with their meals and snacks, I still encourage nutritional diversity to ensure all requirements are being met.

I am a big advocate of eating nutritious, delcious and simple meals. Here are some of my key tips to creating diversity in your routine so you can eat something similair each day, without falling into the trap of eating the exact-same-thing-every-single-day. 

1. Use seasonal fruit and vegetables in your meals.

2. Mix up the source of protein in your lunch and dinner.

3. Change the source of healthy fats in your meals. 

4. Alternate the source of good quality carbohydrates in your meals. 

If you want to hear my chat with Deb Knight on Better Living where I discuss my thoughts on 'if eating the same thing everyday is OK' then click on this link